Aura Photography

These photos where taken minutes before & after the first Gong Bath™ on the recent Colorado Tour courtesy of 'The Wings of flight Aura Photography'. 

As you can see in Richard’s photo below there is a marked difference in clarity.

Kirlian Photography - Richard Rudis

The 3 photo series below illustrates  beautifully the fast and intense healing aspects  of 

Sacred Sound and how the energy of the Gong Bath continues to help clear a person’s Aura for quite some time after a Gong Bath™ ends. 

 In this particular occasion the green photo was taken by a different Aura Camera 3.5 days after the first two were taken where you can see her energy had cleared significantly.  As the second camera was not as good a quality as The Wings of Light camera it only picked up on part of the Aura showing a smaller Aura whereas in reality her Aura was far bigger as seen in the second photo.  Still, it accurately shows the clearing that she felt strongly at  the time. © Richard Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje) copyrighted 2023