Blood Testing

Blood Testing with Sacred Sound

As Sacred Sound has a profound effect on water we decided to see if there was any change in our blood after experiencing a Gong Bath™

We were hoping to see some difference but what we discovered shocked us.

Looking at the photo above you will find one person's blood taken 2 hrs apart.  

The blood of the Gong Bath™ participant beforehand shot is represented on the left of each frame & the after shot on the right side showing the amazing effect on the red & white blood cells.

In both frames on the left side you can see the blood terrain is congested, swamp like and not moving, the red blood cells are stuck together & dehydrated - not so good a picture, and the white blood cells, those white wishy washy blobs - these are congested & compromised.  Our white blood cells are our immune system so to have them compromised may not be the ideal situation here.   

On the right side of each frame is the same participants blood directly after the Gong Bath™.

Here you can see immediately a completely different picture where the red blood cells are full and round - as a healthy cell should be, they are not stuck together at all and they are moving.  Happy Red Cells.  The white blood cells are no longer compromised, they are far larger, brighter & doing what they are supposed to be doing - vaccuming up the toxins in the blood system.  

 So yes, sacred Sound Gong Bath™ has shown significant changes in the blood terrain for the better.

Who knew?

Among the phenomena observed in the live blood are: 

  • The level of activity or lack of activity of the immune system 
  • The condition of the red blood cells, liver, kidney, pancreatic, heart, lung, prostate, ovarian, breast & other organ stress
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, mold and the degree of such activity
  • Observation of phenomena associated with blood sugar imbalance
  • Observation of features associated with mal-absorption of fats
  • Observation of features associated with protein mal-absorption
  • Observation of phenomena associated with nutrient mal-absorption/vitamin deficiency/mineral deficiency
  • Observation of crystalline forms such as fibrous tumors, uric acid, cholesterol and micro toxins

Changes after a Gong Bath™

  • Blood terrain opens up enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • Red Blood Cells are less congested, energy potential of the cell increased
  • Immune system incredibly stimulated 
  • White blood cells much more active, larger and brighter
  • Inflammation indicator decreased


If you are participating  in the Blood Cell Testing  please drink plenty of water through out the day  & make  12 NOON  your last meal with no snacking afterwards  for accurate results.

The cost is $35 for the before & after test with a movie of this for you to have and cherish. 

Sherry also does indepth Blood work where she explores the red blood cells right down to their core where she can see if a person is deficient in minerals or vital aspects of their health.

For this she charges $150 for the indepth blood test with a DVD of your blood and a written summary of her findings.

If you have the blood test done at the Gong Bath™ she will give a discount of $125 per person.

As for me, the first blood test above was my first test and this was where I discovered I had parasites.  Because of Sherry I was able to discover why I had felt so bad for so long and was able to immediately take steps to eradicate them and change my diet as she discovered I was deficient in more than I care to list here (the parasites were eating any nutrients before I could utilize them).  I see her whenever I am back in Colorado which is every 3 months as I do not know of anyone else that does what she does, and I have been able to document my improving health with each piece of HD footage she films while looking at my blood.  As far as I am concerned Sherry more than likely saved my life because if I hadn't seen what was really going on I may never have taken the correct steps to change it.

Be this the gift you give your body.

For Blood Testing Live Cellular Energy Consultations contact:

Darkfield Technician Sherry Beitzel

Inside Out Therapies

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