'Tibetan Pilgrimage'

A sacred sound sojourn along an ancient pilgrims’ path into the mysterious lands of Buddhas and Dakinis.

"Tibetan Pilgrimage allowed me to touch a sense of history and deep peace.  Richard captures a lost culture's song, giving us access to sacred sound that exists in a culture, in a land, not on a stage, and resonates within our own soul." 
- Christine Stevens, Founder, UpBeat Drum Circles 


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10% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD

and it’s associated DVD (soon to be released)

will be donated to the International Campaign for Tibet;

Pilgrims Prayer


Track # 1:  Pilgrims Prayer explores the reconstructive healing waves of harmonic sound.


Track # 2:  Coherence is a tantric journey into the ancient sacred geometry of the 'Sri Yantra'. 

Track # 3: Three Jewels take refuge in the natural collaborative energies of Spiritual Potential, the Dharma and the Bodhisattvas for the benefit of all beings. 

Expect fundamental shifts in phenomenal space, clarity, vigor, joy and sense of peace. 


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Terma Yana


The Tibetan word 'Terma' means hidden treasure and the word 'Yana' a path, way or vehicle. The Sound Meditation recorded herein was created with the multi-tonal voice of a large 'Earth' Gong tuned to the vibrational signature of Gaia's, nearly eternal, dance with Sol.  Her weaving overtones will carry the listener down corridors and through portals into the domain of transcendence. It is a journey of profound reverberation - for within the sound 'mandala' are conduits which penetrate the realms of physical, mental and spiritual healing.  


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Event Horizon

 It is a journey of profound reverberation - for within the sound 'mandala' are conduits which penetrate the realms of physical, mental and spiritual healing.  Here 'dragons be found' - fundamental phantasms of unfolding clarity and the clear light of the unhindered mind.  You are invited to sip at the elixir of Dharmakaya (unwavering truth) and bath yourself in it's soothing harmonies.  At the ever expanding terminus of the known phenomenal universe, on the ever pulsating edge of time and space, where the mind titers on the precarious apex of consciousness and the worlds of perception and imagination commingle;  here is where we find 'Event Horizon'.  Within this fringe between the mysterious and real, substance and creation, hovers the Realm of Enlightenment. Recorded using the single voice of a 38" Earth Gong which has been tuned to the vibrational signature of the Earth as it transits around the Sun.  

It is the sound of the

'Void'     'Still-Point‘    'Aum’

Enjoy the sound and the unique visual perspective.


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Tibetan Chakra Healing

tibetanchakracdlg (1)

Tibetan Chakra Healing is a beautiful harmonic Gong Bath filled with

sacred sound, the only Gong Bath™ focusing directly on the 

7 major chakras system (spinning wheels of energy).

1st: Survival, Sexuality

2nd: Emotions, Sexuality, Clair Sentience (intuitive feeling)

 3rd: Control, Power, running Female/Male energy

4th: Heart, Responsibility, 

5th: Communication, Clair Audience (intuitve hearing)

6th: Clair Voyancy (intuitve seeing)

7th: Clair Knowingness (intuitve knowing)

All world cultures, spiritual traditions and science know this: 

All things vibrate at a coherent rate; a universal “OM”. 

It is possible to invoke inner and outer peace, wisdom and compassion, health and harmony by identifying and sympathetically attuning with this intrinsic vibrational signature..... that is what this CD is all about.


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Thu Je Che & Namaste

Karma Sonam Dorje © Richard Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje) copyrighted 2023