Tibetan Pilgrimage - The Movie

Tibet and her Teachings

Richard Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje) takes us on an astounding spiritual journey across the Tibetan plateau, with 26 thought provoking dharma teachings to help guide the listener/viewer ever deeper within his/her own consciousness and intrinsic truths. Each story is told through stunning imagery and a haunting sound track filled with chanting and sacred sound. While traveling across the wild rural landscape of the Himalayas you will encounter the ghosts of the past and present while visiting the four most auspicious monasteries remaining; Jokhang, Samye, Potala Palace and Tsurpu Monasteries - as we follow the path of the great Tantric Buddha Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). Tibetan Pilgrimage is a spectacular odyssey across the grace and beauty of Tibet's magnificent countryside highlighting authentic footage of sacred Monasteries rarely seen.

Within this important work of spiritual artistry there is something of great value for everyone, from those who know very little of Buddhism or Tibet to those who are learned Buddhist practitioners.

Narration and Gong Harmonics by Richard Rudis sacredsoundgongbath.com

Movie written, created and directed by Janet Bass lightningtreefilms.com

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The Dharma of Vibrational Healing

The Dharma of Vibrational Healing is a wonderful visual Teaching of Buddhist Dharma, with an Introduction to Himalayan Sacred Instruments & the Science behind Vibrational Sound Healing. 

Richard (Karma Sonam Dorje) spins Chi and Sacred Geometry through the Planetary Earth Gong creating the sensation of the room becoming as if a Bath filled with cleansing wonderful  sound and energy of AUM, bathing you in Vibrations that can assist in releasing stress and help lift your Vibration and Spirit to where it should be  - the natural state of  BLISS

The Dharma of Vibrational Healing is a beautifully crafted 61 min long movie encompassing a Sacred Gong Bath and visual explanations from the Instruction of Himalayan Bowl techniques, Tingshas, Gantas & Vajras to The Four Nobel Truths & Dualism to the Primal Chord of AUM.

Exert from DVD - Bowls

Recorded in Surround Sound, the information has been illustrated by an overlaying of art spanning 22 chapters with the option to experience a full Gong Bath with or without Narration.


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Exert from DVD - Story of Mara

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