Vajras / Dorjes

The Vajra/Dorje is the Buddhist symbol for 



Vajra in Sanscrit / Dorje  in Tibetan

The Vajra is considered to be one of the highest spiritual symbols in Buddhism

A powerful and unique tool it's intrinsic power and presence radiates Compassion.

The Vajra has the energy required to lift the hinderances of illusion that keeps us from realizing our most realized Greatest Potential: Self

In the Buddhist model of the universe there is a fine mist of Compassion flowing through it.

The Vajra can draw this Compassion down through it like a tidal wave  into the person’s 

energy field where it can then be used to heal and transform.  

All Crystals are from a Sacred Mountain in the Himalayas.



Culture: Buddhist       Country of Origin: Nepal/India      Artifact Age: 21st Century

A single Vajra is used to direct the Compassionate energy into the person holding it, so depending on how the person is holding it the energy will enter through one end and transfer out through the other end into the person. Also it can be used to direct energy to other using the same principal.  

Used in Energy Work it will help to channel and target treatment.

Very useful when used to open the 3rd eye within meditation or vibrational healing. 

Used for meditation it will help focus and clear the mind. 

As a meditation and energy healing tool it is powerful and unique.

Double Vajra


Culture: Buddhist       Country of Origin: Nepal/India      Artifact Age: 21st Century

The Double Vajra is comprised of two single vajras joined together.  When Compassion is drawn in it then directs the energy out to the four directions.  

Also within the center of the two vajras where they both meet is the Bindu - the smallest partical in the Universe.  Here the Compasionate energy is intensified so wherever the Vajra is held the bindu will project Compassion down into this area as if like a Laser Beam.


6 Pointed Vajra

(Very Special & Unique)

Culture: Buddhist       Country of Origin: Nepal/India      Artifact Age: 21st Century

They draw in Compassion from the Universe and create a bubble of Compassion around the person holding it: 

Compassion above, below, in front, behind and in all directions.  

A Truly unique Vajra.  


I had these few Vajras carved specifically  so they can only be found here.

1.   4” x 4” - $210.00 

2.  4.75 x 4.75 - $300


3.  5.25 x 5.25 - $330

4.  5.25 x 5.25 - $330

5.   5.5 x 5.5 - $350

6.  5.75 x  5.75 - $400

Smaller Vajras


Culture: Buddhist       Country of Origin: Nepal/India      Artifact Age: 21st Century

1.25" long x .50" wide  -  $12.50 each

These beautiful Devotional instruments are carved from a single solid piece of the highest quality Himalayan Quartz available found in the Ganesh Himalayan Mountain range which borders Tibet and Nth. Central Nepal.  At elevations of over 15,000 ft high mining is difficult and expert cutting even more so.  With each of these pieces the craftsmanship is stunning.

Larger photos available on request

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