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Lek Lai - Thai Buddha Magical Rock

This is a remarkable rock.  When energy is projected through it can clear a person’s Aura of disharmonious energy & drug energy, bringing it back to a state of harmony again. It is believed that the substance will protect its caretaker from any harm or evil.  It reputedly will seek out its proper caretaker & come & go of its own will.  It should only be acquired by a someone who is very serious about its care.

We are sold out of Lek Lai for now - a new order will be arriving soon, 

these pieces are being set in silver as we speak.

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Quartz Crystal Ganesh

Photo 10

$20-40 each

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Crystal Ganesh Statues

Culture: Buddhism/Hinduism

Country of Origin: Nepal    

Artifact Age: 21st Century

Ganesh - Buddhist/Hindu Elephant headed god of Wisdom, Success and Joy.

He is the defender of Women, Remover of Obsticles & gives Assitance into the next step.

Made of the highest quality Himalayan Quartz selected for it's presence and power. 

Ranging in size & cost from

$20 - $40

Crystal Buddha Statues 

Culture: Buddhist

 Country of Origin: Nepal       

Artifact Age: 21st Century

Each Buddha is depicted in the classic 'Earth-Touching-Pose'

All are nicely detailed and master carved. 

Different sizes & prices starting at $50


Green/White Tara Statue

(Unique representation)

Culture: Buddhist

Country of Origin : India  

Artifact Age: new


(in Sanskrit meaning "Star") 

The goddess born from the tear compassion - she protects, heals and awakens. 

Her love is stronger than a mother's love for her children. 

She gifts longevity, protects earthly travel, and guards her followers on their spiritual journey to Enlightenment.

This Himalayan quartz rupa is stunning in elegant presence, detail & power. 

Size: 7.5" tall x 6" across x 4" deep 

(carved from a single piece of clear quartz)

1700 grams or nearly 4 pounds in weight.

Price: $1,500.00


Hand carved from high quality Himalayan quartz he is stunning at 8.5" tall x 3.5" deep x 5" across - weight 1.930 kilo. 

Blessed and powerful

(carved from a single piece of clear quartz)

(shipped in a custom fitted box)



Crystal Malas  Prayer Beads

Culture: Buddhist

 Country of Origin: Nepal        

Artifact Age: 21st Century

Composed of the traditional 108 beads plus one guru bead it is 37 inches in circumference. 

$35 each


Enjoy my Contemporary Gallery

Nomadic Thangka - Ancient


Used by a nomadic Lama - very rare if not singular.  

17th Century - Tibet


Chenresiz thangka  - Ancient


A 500 year old Thangka from Tibet.

16th Century - Tibet


Many wonderful very old and rare Statues, Lama Seals, Silver Buddha Mandala wall hanging, Wall masks, Damaru/Kapali Drums,  dZi (gZi) stone beads from Tibet, Amulets, Vessels, Monastic Rice Scales, Butter Pot, Ancient Thangkas and a Silver Knife Set from the

Mongolian Royal Family.

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