Practitioner Bowls

High Quality 

Sound Healing Practitioner Bowls 


Made of a seven metal alloy: 

Gold  Silver  Mercury  Copper  Iron  Tin  Lead

Tibet has the highest plateau in the world and  because of this it has attracted many meteor strikes. Meteorite contains pure iron which is held in very high esteem by the Tibetans.  

They call it 'the Thunderbolts of the Gods’

When iron is mixed with 6 other alloys it creates a unique metal referred to as Bell Metal.

These Ancient Sacred Sound objects 

were consciously created by Monks along time ago as part of a Spiritual Path and used for Physical/Spiritual healing as well as Ritual Ceremonies. 


They are a minimum of one hundred years old and most likely hundreds of years old. 

I have specialized in older Bowls for many years - Mantra Bowls are rare. 

Note: Each Bowl is very unique and as such must be priced individually. 

Jambati Bowls


The Jambati Bowls are from the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

When the Jambati is struck or sung it can be likened to as if an energetic doorway opens and the White Tara can enter.

The White Tara represents Transcendental Healing and Awareness.

They are a minimum of 100 years old (exact age unknown), with penetrating voices.               

Each Bowl is remarkable having expansive overtones and long vocal duration.


You can identify a Jambati by its shape: 

Round bottom with high curving sides. 

These are very special Singing Bowls from Tibet. 

Photo 29

They are stunningly beautiful in sound, presence and their ability to alter consciousness into realms of transcendent wisdom.  

Very useful within vibrational healing techniques to create an environment of balance and harmony in which healing will occur. 


There are slight differences within each bowl, ie: thick or thin lip

Manipuri Bowls


The Manipuri Bowls (Heart) are from the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

They are a minimum of 100 years old (exact age unknown)

Beautiful penetrating overtones and long sound duration that also carry healing blessings.

You can identify a Manipuri by its shape: Rounded bottom with a short curving side.

 Useful within vibrational healing techniques when placed over heart and hands.  

Easy to meditate with and small enough to travel with.  

Photo 31 copy

The Jambati Bowls are also from the Eastern Tibetan Plateau and have similarly shaped bases however the Jambati  is a deeper, fuller bowl.

Thadobati Bowls


Also known as the Green Tara - Physical/Grounding Healing

The Thadaboti Bowls are from the Tibetan/Bhutanese Border

They are a minimum of 80 years old (exact age unknown)


Thadaboti Bowls have clear, sharp overtones and penetrating, long sound duration.

You can identify a Thadaboti by its shape: 

Flat bottom with high rising sides.

Photo 28

They are overall powerful physical healing tools.

 In their smaller version they are useful in conjunction with the third eye and soma chakra.

They are also a powerful tool when used for Meditation.   

Small and large Thadaboti Bowls share the same anatomy.


Mantra Bowls


I have specialized in older Bowls for many years - Mantra Bowls are rare.  

Subject to availability, pictured is an example of what may be available.

Lingam Singing Bowls are old (100 years +)


They have very clear, sharp, penetrating and exacting overtones of long sound duration. 

Useful within vibrational healing techniques however their most beneficial qualities are yet to be determined.  They are powerful tools for meditation.  Easily recognized by the dimple found within the inside/center, they are unusually heavy and thick lip. 

Quality Lingam Bowls are rare and only 10- 12 generally available within a year's time. 

Very good sounding Lingam Bowls are costly:

ranging from $400 - $900

Available via special order only

Cobrebati Bowls

Also known as Buddha Bowls

Light and smooth with a bulging side much like a cobra's stance, many with Mantras.

Their voice is a cross between a Jambati and Thadobati leaning more towards the 

Jambati with multi-tonal harmonics.

They are used for meditation, centering and balancing energy as well as Vibrational Healing.

They are old but alas their age is unknown.

Sizes vary 

Also known as Nepalese Bowls

The Appearance: Light and smooth with  bulging side.

Their voice sounds much like a cross between a Jambati and Thadaboti but leaning towards the Thadobati.  It has multi-tonal harmonics and is useful for stimulating stuck energy. 

They are old but their age is unknown. 


Jambati, Manipuri & Thadaboti Bowls

Jambati Bowl

(pictured above & below)

13.5" diameter by 7" tall



It is difficult to find old bowls of this size with stunning harmonics


Jambati Bowl

(pictured above & below)

13.25" diameter by 7" tall



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