This was the most powerful and amazing experience that I have ever had with Sound.  I first felt emotional energy releasing and at the peak of the session I experienced what felt every crystalline structure and pattern in my body explode and disappear leaving a body that felt transparent and was  composed only of what was necessary to maintain physical form.  The sound was almost deafeningly loud but then felt almost completely silent at the same time.  I was in blissful tears as I continued to feel layers of emotional and physical layers peel off.  Richard is masterful in creating a landscape of sound that energized me, cleansed me and lovingly brought me back from a deeply powerful transformational space.   He said before the event that we would be never be the same after experiencing the gong and he was right. I feel like I was transformed and am looking forward to seeing exactly how that is reflected back to me over time.  I recommend Richards workshop and gong bath to anyone on a path of self discovery and joy. 

Michael Cutter

A bit on training wheels with all this in the past year,  but the truth is I think your gong bath raised my vibration and I saw one of my spirit guides I met in a channeling class a few weeks earlier!  (He appeared as an ancient spirit guide and I could smell wood burning fire when he was talking to me) - I'm thinking, "good work, Richard!  "You got me to a different level with your sacred gong bath!  

I'm sure you hear all sorts of stories as a result ... might be fun to add a column on your site where people could share their stories of the fascinating results of the sacred gong bath!




Hi Richard, 

  I attended your awesome Gong Bath (3rd one I've been to) on Friday night and am thoroughly convinced that it changed my golf game today. I shot an 82, by far my best round. I was mentally calm, more confident and focused over the ball, and just saw everything differently, in a peaceful and pleasant way.  My golf friends asked what the hell got into me, so I told them that it must have been the Gong Bath, that it removed negative thoughts and energy, and enabled me to concentrate and see things more clearly.  They of course scoffed at that ("The what??!!"  "Are you crazy?"), so I told them to laugh all they want, but to Google/You Tube it and you.  Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your talent; your generosity of spirit is much appreciated.  I'm a Going Bath believer!  

Mike Cahill, Chicago

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'I had a patient suffering from deep crippling depression for 20 years and unable to leave her house without extreme anxiety. She attended one of Richard's Gong Baths and after only one session returned to a full and rewarding life even to include public singing. I now send all my patients to his Gong Bath concerts.'

- MD in Chicago


. . .   amazing storms usually reveal you and your divine noise!!!!!

 I shall look forward to the next clandestine thunderous spectacle . . . and smile in anticipation of your eminent arrival!  Best and onward in peace.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for the honor of interviewing you. I was looking towards your interview more than any of my previous guests. My anticipation was the result of my previous positive Richard Rudis gong bath experiences. In the words of Abraham Maslow, I had a "peak", "transcendental," or "religious experience" at your gong baths. While listening to you play the second time during your guest appearance, I thought how foolish of me to ask you to communicate with words when you can communicate with your gong. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gong is worth a billion. Richard, you have my permission to quote me.

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Richard, I also thank you for the CD. I will give and play it for my paralyzed sister Robin on Thursday. Robin is truly a great guru, and teacher like Stephen Hawkings. My sister doesn't have the physicist's mind as Mr. Hawkings, but she is still sharp and filled with gratitude and compassion. Your gift to Robin follows the Buddhist precept of compassion. When I interviewed Ram Dass after his stroke, I asked Ram Dass, "Can you still be here now with your disabled body?" Ram Dass replied, "I'm more here now than ever before." I will remember Ram Dass' words for the rest of my days on earth.  Richard, I'm sure are paths will cross again.

Namaste, Jay Stone


As I was lying in the peaceful yoga studio, hearing the gong, I drifted back into my past.  I saw all of the things I've still held inside all these years. I saw every fight with my mom, I heard all of the nasty words I yelled, and I felt the same horrible feeling I felt when I was in that same moment years ago. The louder the sound became, the more I wanted to leave, but I stayed. I stayed and I let the vibrations drift through my body. I let the sound ring in my ears. I felt that I had released all of the guilt and remorse through the sound. It felt as if the vibrations lifted all of the dirt from my soul!  I felt as if I had conquered something. As the sound decreased, I felt such relief and joy!  I felt like giving my mom an enormous hug.  I felt like laughing!  It was just pure delight I had that moment, it's almost hard to put into words.  I am so grateful I came, and so grateful for the experience.

Alissa, age 13


Chicago Feb 2012

"A Gong Bath has therapeutic benefits, including a soothing effect on the nervous system. My experience has been both relaxing and rejuvenating. I've left sessions felling calmer, more centered, at ease and with a different sense of myself."
- Dr. Joel Cooperman

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