Tingshas - dragon - glowing

Tingshas in general are used to awaken direct/redirect and initiate the healing process

Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.  

A short movie explaining how to use Tingshas and the Buddhist Philosophy behind them

It is most important that these instruments are tonally matched and of high quality. 

These are all of that - I personally selected these during my pilgrimage to the himalayas.  All Gantas, Vajras, Tingshas and Bowls are all of Practitioner Quality.


Culture: Buddhist       Country of Origin: Nepal       Artifact Age: 21st Century


These Tingshas are well made and creates a resonance that is deeply felt.

The symbols are the 'AUM' mantra and the 'Double Dragon'. 

Size:  3" diameter.

$ 65.00

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Temple Tinshas


Culture:  Buddhist       Country of Origin:  Nepal      Artifact Age:  21st Century

These are the highest quality Temple Tingshas

Size: 3.75" diameter


Temple Tingshas XL


Culture:  Buddhist      Country of Origin:  Nepal      Artifact Age: 21st Century

These are remarkable Temple Tingshas of the highest quality.

Size: 3.75" diameter 



Temple Travel Cases

Culture: Buddhist     Country of Origin: Nepal     Artifact Age: 21st Century

Tingsha covers - designed to fit both the practitioner and temple sized Tingsha - complete with heavy woolen separation pads. 

They are made in Nepal of embroidered silk - ideal for transporting your precious Tingsha in safety.

$10.00 each

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