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‘Sacred Sound’ is found within all world cultures and spiritual traditions. 

It is the basis of music’s ability to calm, awaken, heal, balance and energize the human spirit. 

It is a spiritual language (a sound matrix) that is intrinsically understood by all sentient beings and that is experienced universally in therapeutic terms.

A ‘Gong Bath™’ is an expression of ‘Sacred Sound’ which is constructed of sound frequencies, harmonics and overtones rooted in Buddhist teachings and practice techniques. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affect emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. An alchemy of eastern philosophy, bio-energetics and quantum science it is a most powerful healing modality. Within every ‘Bath’ each participant is bathed with rhythms, tonalities and multi-tonal octaves that are naturally revitalizing, stress reducing and profoundly healing physically, mentally and spiritually.

Presenter: Richard Rudis, (Karma Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy, principally Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist practice, for thirty years. He was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa while in Tibet in 1996 and has been teaching Buddhist Dharma via ‘Vibrational Sound Healing Workshops’ since 1988. He is a published writer, musician and lecturer on the subject of sacred sound healing and how it is echoed within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and current scientific understanding. He conducts sound healing experience know as a ‘Gong Bath™’ nationally and has produces several sound healing and teaching CD’s/DVD’s (see for video tutorials).


Colorado Gong Bath™ Tour  9th - 20th November

For enhanced experience try Earbuds or Headphones! And a wired connection

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Refund policy: Refunds will be provided only if the event is cancelled (…just like if you have Bronco or Rockies tickets).  Website pre-register turned off at 3PM day of event - or when full.


2 Gong Gong Bath™ - Wednesday - November 9th - 6pm - 90 minutes 

The Aspen Chapel @ the roundabout

77 Meadowood Drive

Aspen, CO 81611 

$35 Online Register / $40 at the door

contact info: Peggy at


4 Gong Gong Bath™ - Saturday - November 12th - 7pm - 90 minutes

In-concert with Gregg Wilkens

Christ Congregational Church / New Denver Church 

Amazing round room with lots of space - Name change only!

2500 S Sheridan Blvd

Denver, Co 80227


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Gong Bath™ - Sunday - November 13th - 6pm - 60 minutes

Vibrating Floor


2800 Dagny Way

Lafayette, CO 80026


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2 Gong Gong Bath™ - Monday - November 14th - 7pm - 60 minutes

Boulder StarHouse 

A spiritually made house

3476 Sunshine Canyon Drive

Boulder CO 80302


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Gong Bath™ - Friday - November 18th - 7pm - 90 minutes

Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (RMMC) 

1939 Monroes St, 

Denver, Co 80210


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4 Gong Gong Bath™ - Saturday - November 19th - 7pm - 90 minutes

In-concert with Gregg Wilkens

Shining Mt Waldorf School

999 Violet Ave

Boulder, CO  80304


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2 Gong Gong Bath™ - Sunday - November 20th - 2pm - 90 minutes

Great Stupa

Shambhala Stupa 

151 Shambhala Way

Red Feather Lakes

CO 80545


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Chicago  Gong Bath™ Tour December 

Honoring the Ancestors Gong Bath™

A vibrational Shamanic Journey; a time of reflection, honoring the ancestors and celebrating the cycle of life, renewal and new beginnings.  Using the natural astrological harmonics that surround us we will undertake this journey of insight and arrive at a life-force reinvigoration.


Gong Bath™ - Friday - December 9th - 7pm - 60 minutes 

Portiuncula Center for Prayer 

9263 W. St. Francis Road

Frankfort, IL


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Gong Bath™ - Saturday - December 10th - 2pm - 60 minutes

Theosophical Society

1926 N. Main Street

Wheaton, IL

$30 in advance / $35 at the door

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Gong Bath™ - Sunday - December 11th - 1.30pm - 90 minutes

Edwards Fitness

 6600 IL-53

Woodridge, IL 60517

To Register call: (630) 646-7913 pls leave a voice mail


2 Gong Gong Bath™ - Sunday - December 11th - 7.30pm - 90 minutes

Yoga View

2211 N Elston 

Chicago, IL 60614

Cost: $35 in advance / $40 day of (if space permits)

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Gong Bath™ - Monday - December 12th - 7pm - 60 minutes

Highland Avenute Church of the Brethren

783 Highland Ave

Elgin, IL

Call Irene to register Ph:  847 638-7247


Gong Bath™ - Tuesday  - December 13th - 7pm - 60 minutes

Heaven Meets Earth

2746 Central Street

Evanston, IL 60201

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Wednesday 14th off


Thursday 15th off


Gong Bath™ - Friday - December 16th - 7pm  - 60 minutes

Infinity Foundation

1280 Old Skokie Valley Road

Highland Park, 

IL 60035

Cost: $25 payment 10 days in advance / $30 on the day

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Gong Bath™ - Saturday - December 17th - 7pm - 90 minutes 

Yoga Now

742 N La Salle Str, #200

Chicago IL 60654

Cost: $30 prepay / $35 at the door

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2 Gong Gong Bath™ - Sunday - December 18th - 6pm - 90 minutes 

Yoga View Wilmette

Wilmette, IL

Cost: $35 in advance / $40 day of (if space permits)

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Richard Rudis created the first original Gong Bath™ experience twenty years ago and has performed over 1,000 Gong Baths in the US & internationally helping well over 35,000 participants.  Using principles of Vajrayana Buddhism, specific sacred geometry, mathematics & instrumentation a dynamic meditative experience is created where each participant is acoustically guided, via harmonic overtones, into realms of physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Carefully designed vibrational constructs are used to further entice the brain into Alpha/Theta/Delta wave-scapes of creativity, relaxation and enrichment.  A sound healing pioneer with thirty years of Buddhist scholarship, his extensive collaboration with other sound healing researchers and studies in Eastern energy healing have resulted in the development of a unique sacred sound healing techniques known as a 'Gong Bath™, holding the trade mark since 2008. 

Currently he is writing a book on this subject including specialized playing techniques and supportive philosophies. 

*please note: the term Gong Bath™ may only be used by Richard Rudis


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