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Richard Rudis created the first original Gong Bath™ experience twenty years ago and has performed over 1,000 Gong Baths in the US & internationally helping well over 35,000 participants.  Using principles of Vajrayana Buddhism, specific sacred geometry, mathematics & instrumentation a dynamic meditative experience is created where each participant is acoustically guided, via harmonic overtones, into realms of physical well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Carefully designed vibrational constructs are used to further entice the brain into Alpha/Theta/Delta wave-scapes of creativity, relaxation and enrichment.  A sound healing pioneer with thirty years of Buddhist scholarship, his extensive collaboration with other sound healing researchers and studies in Eastern energy healing have resulted in the development of a unique sacred sound healing techniques known as a 'Gong Bath™, holding the trade mark since 2008. 

Currently he is writing a book on this subject including specialized playing techniques and supportive philosophies. 

*please note: the term Gong Bath™ may only be used by Richard Rudis

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He has produced  four transformative sound  CD's & a Teaching DVD Gong Bath which you will find within this website.


Tibetan Pilgrimage - The Movie 

Richard’s latest Movie release

Richards’ new movie ‘Tibetan Pilgrimage’ is a Spiritual Journey throughout the Tibetan Plateau stretching from Lhasa to Everest with 22 Dharmic stories entwined within the rich tapestry of stunning authentic footage of Tibet and her great Monasteries of Samye, The Jokhang & Tsurpu - The seat of the Karmapas’.  

The Dharma stories are from the great spiritual teachers throughout the ages: 


The Shakyamuni Buddha, Padmasambhava, Milarepa, Dogen zenji, Albert Einstein & many other great Buddhist teachers.  Narrated by Richard Rudis, the movie was created by Janet Bass, with Richard’s Sacred Gong underscoring 

the hour long journey into the Heart of Tibet.  Dvds are for sale, downloads will be available soon.

Also here you will find many jewels of knowledge about Sacred Sounds, instruments of practitioner quality & Instructional movies explaining how you can incorporate them into your own Sacred practices.  We have many sacred Sound Healing Instruments & instructional movies to help explain how to play  & the Buddhist philosophies that support them.  


These ancient sacred sound objects were consciously created by Buddhist monks as part of a spiritual path and used for physical/spiritual healing as well as ritual ceremonies. 

The Bowls we offer are old and made of a seven metal alloy: 

Gold - Silver - Mercury - Copper -  Iron - Tin  - Lead


The iron is held in highest esteem as it is collected from the Himalayan mountain tops and is known as 

“the Thunderbolts of God” (meteor iron). 

They are collected in a honorable fashion by Tibetan Lamas especially for us. 

The late and venerable Lama Rimpoche Karapa Karmapa stated that the sound of the Bowls are the sound of the “Void", (the Buddha described the true nature of reality as ultimate emptiness beyond phenomenon). The sound is useful for meditation, healing, stress reduction, biofeedback, chakra balancing and cell toning. The tones set up a ‘frequency following response’ that create a synchronization between the left and right brain hemispheres. Relaxation, creativity and a sense of balance follows. Meditation with the sound helps the sitter to become in tune with the universal chord which is the basis of existence and the core element of our inner 'still point'.

richard sitting in front of his Gong

Richard Rudis, (Karma Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy for over thirty years. As an American practitioner of the Vajrayana school of Tibetan Buddhism he is a long time pilgrim of sacred sites and teachings from across Asia. He was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa while in Tibet in the year 1996. He has been teaching Buddhist Dharma and conducting 'Vibrational Sound Healing Workshops' and using traditional Himalayan instruments since 1988. He is a published writer, musician and lecturer on the subject of vibrational sound healing; as it is reflected within Tibetan Buddhism. 

Physical tangible results using the 

Darkfield Microscopy Blood Cell Testing Method

Using this method one is able to observe and analyze features of the blood terrain 

and the dramatic healthy changes before & after a Gong Bath™

 Click here for link to page & movies

Sacred Sound Workshops and Retreats:

From time to time the Illuminarium offers introduction workshops as well as 

intense 1-3day Retreats on the use of these Sacred Sound Objects.

Anticiptate Healings, Awakenings & Miracles

Thu Je Che & Namaste

Karma Sonam Dorje

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